jessibelle16 (jessibelle16) wrote in run_home_rabbit,

a few apartment updates

hey everyone!!

i've been out in amherst a bit over the past two weeks and have a few updates on the apartment.

1) They "put in a new shower stall" which means that they painted the shower floor. It looks really good right now- we'll see how long it lasts.

2) They came and fixed the water heater, and things seem to be better.

3) I got a electric bill for $ $10 each.

4)Umm...It's lonely here by myself...I'm excited for when everyone's back in the spring.

5) when we get back we need to talk about plans for the summer....and figure out how we want to rearrange the place.

6) OHHHH...VERY IMPORTANT. Ben and Jerry's is clsoed. The wireless network is very irregular. i think we need to finally get and pay for our own. ;-). Maybe we can do an internet/cable deal...I'll try to do some research....
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