jessibelle16 (jessibelle16) wrote in run_home_rabbit,

some housekeeping

i'd like to pretend like the world has frozen and is waiting for us to figure out the situation but infortunately, that is not the case..thus there are some important things that need to be done aroud here.

1) I paid the whole summer electricity bill. I did not live here in the summer. I need $21 from Kathleen, Court and Rose. Emily, I have yours.

2) Gas bill is here. I personally, would like to have hot water.

3) Phone bill is here. After doing all the hard work to get the phone- let's not jeapordize it.

4) Dishes and trash are everywhere. I'm not playing "mom" anymore and cleaning up after everyone.

Come on guys, we're twenty years old. Let's start acting like it.

i'm soryr for the pissy nature of this entry. but let's be frank, whose not pissed off right now?
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