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house rules. please comment edits and then i'll make it pretty.

Rules of the Rabbit Hole
The 10 Commandments of Cleanlyness
We shall have no mold
We shall clean the bathroom weekly
We shall vacume and sweep every two weeks or as need be
We shall leave our shoes at the front door to facilitate the above
We shall have plants and only kill those plants which are our own
We shall wash dishes at the end of the night (or from the moment of the dirting of the dish we shall have 12 hours in which to do it but only when it is vital that this happen)
We shall eat a major meal together once a week
There shall be no small fuzzy or scally animals, pets or otherwise
We shall attempt to keep our personal spaces tidy
We shall have a job chart which will change every week

The 2 commandments regarding lovers
There shall be an attempt to warn the entire household of planed cohabitation twenty-four hours in advance
There shall be no consecutive nights of cohabitation unless the lover is from outside of the valley

The 3 comandaments regarding utilities
The thermostate shall never be set above 70 degrees farinhight
We shall put on sweaters before turning up the thermastat
We shall turn off all electical appliances when not in direct use (including computers and lights)

The x commandments of everything else
There shall be no smoking of tabacco inside the house by us or our guests.
Any smoking of other substances shall with warning to housemates and in a way that does not induce allergies
We shall look out for eachother when drinking occers and any housemate has the right to intervene if necesarry
We shall be look out for each others mental health and intervene if necessary (tacktfully)
We shall communicate problems and not let things stew.

The x commandments of the the larder

we really need these i'm assuming our plan is to have communal staples but what counts as a staple food and how does it alternate. is buying food on the job wheel?

please comment. merci
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